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2009 Ecco Makes Appointment in Shanghai

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2009 Ecco Makes Appointment in Shanghai

Company News
2017/08/14 15:51

From June 11th to June 13th, 2009, the 15th Shanghai International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition and the Second China (Shanghai) Steel & Iron Trade Exposition will be held at Shanghai International Exhibition Center & Shanghai Guangda Exhibition Center. Shanghai International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition is a well-known technical trade fair. Established in 1986, it has been held for 14 times and over 57 countries and 4,371 enterprises in total attended this fair; many world famous enterprises in the industry have attended the fair. In 1992, Vice Primer of State Council-Tian Jiyun hosted the opening ceremony. Its authority and influence have made it one of the most influential steel and iron fairs in the world.

Invited by the holder, Ecco will exhibit products at ShanghaiInternational Exhibition Center. Then, Ecco will welcome new and old customers and friends with brand new appearance, active and passionate attitude and higher professional quality.

Looking into 2009, Ecco will make progress with you.

Ecco Exhibition Position: No. A216, District A, No. 1 Hall, Shanghai International Exhibition Center